Over the past year I have been working on several art pieces that are about contemporary life: the spread of the pandemic, the protests about George Floyd’s murder, the machinations of the political world, and the global devastation of climate change. I have been exploring these topics using polymer and oil paints, inks, watercolors, color pencils, and collage. 

believe that we all have a responsibility to work on positive change: to create the world we want to leave for future generations. Environmental justice work is racial justice work. I am committed to doing the work in both my professional life and private life.

"A Child of the World" (detail), 36 x 60 inches, oil, polymer, inks, color pencils

"Many Lives", 12 x 18 inches, watercolors, inks, and color pencils

"Paradise", 10 x 18 inches, cut papers, color pencils, and inks

Barbara Woods